Time for a change!

Well, I’ve been contemplating and praying over making some changes to my business for quite some time now.  Change is not easy for me and I tend to avoid making big decisions.  And even when I do I second guess myself.  So, I’ve put it off for some time.  But here I am announcing to you all that I am moving forward with some changes and I feel good about it.   No going back!  I will now be specializing in high school senior photography only!  If you’re really interested in hearing a long explanation, please feel free to message me.  What it comes down to really is that senior photography is what I’m really passionate about and would like to focus on.  It also has to do with the fact that my family and I have a lot on our plates right now and I need to find ways to cut back.    I will be honoring all the commitments I have made to families, couples, etc., but will not be scheduling any more in the future.  I hope you all understand and will put a good word out to all those graduating seniors!  Thank you for your support!! Senior collage