Emily ~ Class of 2018

I’ve known this young lady since she was about two years old…  I am sort of speechless trying to describe her.  You know those families who seem to have gotten an extra large portion of talent?  Well, she comes from a family like that and it certainly didn’t stop with her.  She is amazing and she just happens to have a heart of gold as well.  If you haven’t been lucky enough to hear her sing one of her songs, look her up and you will thank me later.


Sadie ~ Class of 2018

I spent a very hot and very smoky evening with Sadie and her mom at the covered bridge and Fitton Green hiking area in Corvallis a couple weeks ago.  Not only did we survive, but had some fun and took some pictures while we were at it.
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Lauren ~ Class of 2018

These pictures speak for themselves. This girl and this place… they really compliment one another. Finley Wildlife Refuge is one of my favorite places to be on a beautiful summer evening. Lauren is a beautiful girl overflowing with charm and charisma, which suites her acting abilities.  I also think Lauren has a humbleness and gentleness about her, which will come in handy as she pursues her career as a vet tech.


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