Aidan ~ class of 2016

Spent a beautiful evening with Aidan and his mom at Bald hill and CHS football field. This young man was a real sport. He was willing to put up with me and my demands of hiking around even with a bum knee. I love hanging out with teenagers. I also enjoy hanging out with other moms and getting some good insight now that I have a high schooler of my own at home.

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Alex – class of 2016

I met Alex and his mom downtown and then we headed over to campus for some senior photos.  Such a bittersweet time for mama.  Thinking back to the cute things he did when he was young and at the same moment so proud of who this young man standing in front of her is and excited for what his future holds…untitled (10 of 112)

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Ted – Class of 2016

It is an exciting time in life!  Ted just got back from helping at a medical clinic in the Dominic Republic and he’s ready for his senior year!  I don’t suggest wearing flip flops up there, but I do suggest visiting and hiking around Mary’s Peak. I spent an evening up there with Ted, his mom and his girlfriend, Katie, last week. Let’s just say, my calf muscles hurt for a few days…  I still can’t believe after living in this area for almost 14 years that I had never been up there. It is so beautiful! This is a special place for Ted.  After we were done with pictures he and his friends spent the night under the stars.

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