What to wear


I am the LAST person to ask for fashion advice, but here are a few tidbits I’ve picked up.

Some DO’s and DON’Ts

Do pick clothes that you are comfortable in!
Do call in reinforcements
Take advantage of the fact MANY people out there have already done this work FOR you!  In Pinterest you can use search terms like “what to wear” or “senior photo inspiration” and come up with great ideas of what other people have put together!
Do let your personality SHINE!
Do coordinate ~start by choosing a color group or category. Examples color groups would be: pastels, deep colors, primary colors, earth tones, etc.
Don’t forget to put a fresh coat on your nails – chips will show in the photos!
Don’t bring clothes that show stains or wrinkle easily.
Don’t wear loud patterns and graphics.

Check out these links!



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